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Membership to the American Osteopathic College of Pathologists (AOCP), is required to join the RSMC.

Active AOCP Members –

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Non-AOCP Members – 

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Information for Medical Student and Post-Graduate registration can be found on this page.

Membership lasts for one year and can be renewed by submitting a Renewal Form.

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Post-Graduate (Resident)
1. A physician of good moral character shall be eligible for this category if s/he has been accepted into a formal training program approved by COCA and/or the ACGME.
2. Post-graduates shall not vote or hold office but may be appointed to committees.
3. A post-graduate member will advance to Active member without further application upon completion of her/his training program.
1. An individual of good moral character shall be eligible for this category if he/she is enrolled in a college of osteopathic medicine.
2. Student members shall not vote or hold office but can serve on or be appointed to committees.
3. Student members shall not be required to pay dues or assessments.
4. A Student member will advance to Post-Graduate member without further application, upon notification of acceptance into a residency program acceptable to COCA and/or the ACGME.

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